General Information


Dear Customers and Friends of the SKODA Brand,

You will have heard in the news recently that the Volkswagen Group is intensively perusing an investigation into irregularities in the software used in some diesel engines.

ŠKODA has also obtained engines from the Volkswagen Group with this software and installed them in ŠKODA vehicles.

We would like to make a few things clear:

The trust of our customers and the public is and will remain our most important asset. We deeply regret that this situation has arisen.

The important thing for our customers to know is that all vehicles are safe and driveable. The current issue concerns only the software, and we are going to rectify this. We take full responsibility and we will cover all the costs related to modifying the vehicle for the necessary measures. Please bear in mind that this is going to take some time; time for the analysis and time to implement the technical measures.

The entire range of new cars from the Volkswagen Group sold in the European Union have EU6-compliant engines and meet the legal requirements and environmental standards. The software in question does not affect driving performance, consumption or emissions.

It is specifically the EA189 engine type that this issue concerns. The Volkswagen Group is working intensively on eliminating these discrepancies by means of technical measures. But again, we must reiterate that all vehicles are safe and driveable.

To determine if this software has been installed in your vehicle, please visit your SKODA contract partner, call your regional SKODA call centre, or complete an instant online inquiry here.

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