Rapid Spaceback Overview Phase 2

od 297 900

The New ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback

They will love you for it.
Rapid Spaceback For Moneem v datech
ŠKODA’s young compact car
  • Sporty freshness and dynamic elegance

  • A spacious, attractive interior with sporty three-spoke steering wheels
  • Panoramic glass roof and prolonged rear window
od 297 900
Spotřeba 4,4 l/100km
Zavazadlový prostor 415 l / 1381 l
CO2 114 g/km

You can rely on the safety features built into the Rapid Spaceback. More...
Safety comes first You can rely on the Rapid Spaceback to protect you even under extreme conditions.

Standard equipment includes a wide range of safety features, such as the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) including ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and six airbags. The curtain airbags are fitted as standard and create a wall when activated to protect passengers in both the front and rear from potential head injuries.

The safety performance of the Rapid Spaceback is on a par with that of the Rapid liftback.

More about the safety
The design of the Rapid Spaceback will captivate you with its extraordinariness. More...
Exceptional design The uniqueness of the Rapid Spaceback is underscored by the Style Package, which combines the panoramic roof and tailgate with glazing extended to the number plate to create a unique visual impression. The package also includes black-painted rearview mirror and spoiler, black front fog lamps and tinted rear light clusters. the Style Package lifts the Rapid Spaceback to a higher aesthetic level.

More about the design
Simply Clever solutions will help you every day. More...
Always practical Designed by resourceful people, the Rapid Spaceback contains a series of practical Simply Clever features that become invaluable tools in everyday use.

They include an ice scraper artfully concealed on the fuel tank cap, a multimedia device bracket to hold a phone, a removable wastebasket in the door panelling holder and a warning vest holder under the driver’s seat. Their selfless presence will always come as a surprise when you find them just where you need them, when you need them.

More about the Simply Clever solutions
From the outside, you would never guess how much space is inside. More...
Spacious interior and luggage compartment The ample room available in the interior and luggage space is a major feature of ŠKODA cars. The Rapid Spaceback is no exception, and is able to carry up to five people with ease. With interior width of 1 428 mm and plenty of legroom on the rear seats, the car allows four adults to travel in comfort even on long journeys.

The 415-litre luggage compartment volume can be expanded to an incredible 1380 litres with the rear seatbacks folded down.

More about the roominess
Rapid Spaceback offers everything you may need on the road. More...
Modern technology The Rapid Spaceback is fitted with proven modern technology, including the chassis, driveline and body, all carefully formed into a perfectly functioning, matching whole.

Entertainment can be laid on by one of two ŠKODA radios with a CD and MP3 player or by the Amundsen+ navigation system with an SD card reader. You can also purchase GSM phone + Bluetooth preparation, and additional devices can be connected to the ŠKODA audio system via USB or a 3.5 mm audio jack.

More about the technology
More performance, less fuel consumption and less emissions More...
Environmentally friendly The ​ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback is delivered with modern TSI and TDI engines, combining better performance with lower consumption and less emissions.

All turbocharged engines in the Rapid Spaceback (the TSI and TDI engines, excluding the 1.6 TDI/66 kW with DSG automatic transmission) can be complemented by a set of sophisticated technical solutions to further reduce consumption and emissions - Green tec.

More about green technologies

Experience a new dimension of space

Get ready for the ultimate test drive experience. Drive on up to 17 amazing locations, or create the route of your choice using the advanced Hyperlapse Technology.

Try the virtual Rapid Spaceback test drive now

Discover Space Effects, an interactive film

Time freezes. Rules change. In Space Effects, the new interactive ŠKODA film, you will get to know the Rapid Spaceback while experiencing a new feeling of space.

Start the interactive experience

Space is a feeling

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